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Fritz Paixão and the Bahian company CleanNew, the millionaire combination

SÃO PAULO, October 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- It all started in 2014 when CleanNew invested in Business Consulting and created a company in the upholstery cleaning and shielding business, differentiating itself in a very popular market.

Entrepreneur Fritz Paixão bet on the female audience, which was very needy, offering a premium car dry cleaning service, in the comfort of home in residential condominiums in Salvador. “We had the perfect business model, but we came up against the convention of condominiums that prohibited this type of service at night”, recalls Fritz, who overcame his first barrier in November of that year, to put the business plan into practice.

The job well done soon yielded a new market niche, based on requests from customers also interested in upholstery cleaning services. “I ended up learning everything myself, as I realized that in this field services were done by amateurs and companies without much recognition. It was the missing piece to stand out and focus on the professionalization of the segment and the recognition of Branding”, he details.

With the creation of the new venture, Fritz can serve people interested in waterproofing upholstery. He secured the partnership with a chemical industry that would provide a unique product capable of meeting cost and benefit.

“Upholstery shielding was the name I adopted for it, because I used a material capable of not altering the color and texture of the fabric, nor being flammable, and still having an affordable price”, he reveals.

“The entrepreneur who wants success needs to seek innovation, run to be the best in his field. The money arrives as a result” says Fritz.

In just a year and a half, CleanNew raised its revenue from R$15,000 to R$2.5 million per year.

Conquest of the Franchising Market

The success of the upholstery shielding and cleaning company aroused Fritz's interest in visiting a franchise fair. After analysis and a lot of networking with other businessmen from different fields who had already become franchisors, he realized it was time to move on. “I invested everything I had in it and started selling, giving all the support and ensuring that the thing worked,” he explains.

The first CleanNew franchise was opened in Fortaleza (CE), in March of that year, then came Aracaju, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, until reaching the number of 34 franchises installed in the country, and 4 Master Franchise abroad . “Argentina, Spain, USA, Colombia were part of our process of internationalization of the brand and the result has been spectacular” reveals Fritz.

The next steps are being kept under lock and key, but the entrepreneur guarantees: “We are entering the Arab market in 2020, there is a grandiose project for Cleannew that involves a lot of planning, daring and a dose of technology. Let's revolutionize the market!” comments Fritz.

Cleannew's numbers are surprising, in 2018 while Brazil grew by only 0.2%, the network of franchisees rose by double digits, reaching almost 80%, a spectacular number in view of the country's economic crisis. “There is still a lot to grow, and a lot of market to be conquered, 2019 was a year for structuring the brand for even greater growth in 2020, our expectation is to earn around 15 million” says Fritz.

Instagram is one of the main platforms for brand awareness, both for Fritz (@fritzpaixao) and for the brand (@cleannew). “When you do what you love, success and success is just a matter of time and opportunity. Today I have a very big social responsibility with my almost 20k followers. Many of them follow me because of the tips I give and end up seeing in me what they always dreamed of being.” assures Fritz.


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