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Fritz Paixão: from a car wash to a BRL 8 million business

His path as an entrepreneur was long and diverse. Graduated in physiotherapy, he worked with fish farming, performing arts and even TV presenter. Until, in Salvador, Fritz Paixão had the idea of investing in an automotive dry cleaning service.

At the end of 2014 Autoclean was born, a company focused on intelligent washing. “They started to ask if we wouldn't also clean sofas, mattresses, chairs and armchairs. It was natural, I saw an opportunity and then came the idea of betting on the hygiene and shielding niche for all upholstery, in addition to car seats. In January 2015, Autoclean became CleanNew”, he says.

With this, a unique formula was developed. The product can increase up to three times the useful life of the upholstery, preserving the original characteristics of the fabric, without changing the texture. Using nanotechnology, CleanNew has developed a system patented in Brazil, popularly known as “shielding”, which currently earns around R$8 million.

The second strategy was to create an expansion plan. Currently, CleanNew has 25 national franchises and launched three international ones, in Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Miami, with plans to operate in at least 6 more countries in the next 2 years. The popularization of the brand is directly related to actions carried out with personalities and well-known names in the artistic world.


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