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CleanNew was born to be a new concept in waterproofing and cleaning upholstered furniture. Using high quality raw material with the most modern technology in the textile area, CleanNew has developed a unique and innovative service called shielding, which can increase the useful life of upholstered furniture by up to three times.

Through Nanotechnology, CleanNew brought to Brazil an exclusive system that meets the most demanding customers, always preserving the original characteristics of the fabric, without changing its texture and color.

Our team has qualified consultants and technicians, always aligned with our policy of excellence and continuous improvement in the customer service system. Welcome to CleanNew, a new concept in upholstery cleaning and protection!

Brand purpose

To be a reference in the dry cleaning and upholstery shielding market in Brazil and worldwide. We always seek to exceed the needs of our customers by acting with ethics, education, enthusiasm and commitment.

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Our services


Armor Upholstery is an exclusive fabric protection system and a registered trademark by CleanNew that promotes the waterproofing of sofas, upholstery and mattresses, and can increase the useful life of the piece by up to 3x.

With high quality raw materials and the most modern textiles, we use a product that preserves the original characteristics of the fabric, without altering its texture and color.

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CA CleanNew brought to Brazil the Environment Sanitization system with Ultraviolet-C Technology. In this system, a powerful disinfectant agent is associated with a high-frequency germicidal lamp that emits UV-C radiation that disintegrates the DNA of mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses, keeping the environment clean, safe and sanitized for up to 12 days.

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Keeping your upholstery clean goes beyond aesthetic concerns. The accumulation of particles, in addition to damaging the beauty of a piece, can interfere with the health and well-being of your family.

Our hygiene service is much more than a simple sofa cleaning. In our formulation we use a powerful bactericidal agent that, in addition to revitalizing the tissue, will eliminate about 90% of the agents that cause allergic processes, such as fungi and bacteria.

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All leather upholstery needs periodic care, as it suffers constant aggression that can damage the fabric, causing dryness and irreversible cracking. CleanNew's leather hydration process reaches the deepest layers of the fabric, revitalizes the leather and keeps it looking new for much longer.

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With 8 years of experience, CleanNew became a reference in Brazil, expanded to Latin America and has been surprising countries like the USA and the United Arab Emirates. All this due to its strong brand identity, products and innovative business model, which have attracted many investors. With manuals, defined processes and on-site supervision, CleanNew offers complete support to develop and boost your franchisees. Awards Image

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Above all, a franchisee must have dedication and availability. What it means to work directly and daily, always looking for opportunities and improvements for your business.

Fritz Paixão - CEO da CleanNew

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